Work Starts on The Close

At the end of 2023 the Pitton Nature Trust trustees signed a seven year Management Agreement with the Parish Council which will see the charity undertake a number of initiatives to increase biodiversity in The Close.   In recent years the Council has adopted a “no mow” policy on much of the area of The… Continue reading Work Starts on The Close

Grant Funding Received

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £1,900 from the Wessex Water Foundation Environment Fund.  This grant will support our work to create a biodiverse nature area within The Close. The Environment Fund supports charitable and community activities across the region that have a positive impact on the local… Continue reading Grant Funding Received

The Close Management Plan

We have developed a five year management plan for The Close and will soon be starting work to implement it. If you would like to help us deliver this plan or to volunteer with the charity please get in touch.

The Close Management Agreement

The charity has signed a management agreement with Pitton & Farley Parish Council on an area of land on The Close, Pitton. The agreement will enable the charity to undertake management of The Close to create a wildflower area and make capital investment where biodiversity would be directly improved. We are taking external expert advice… Continue reading The Close Management Agreement

Pitton Hill Update

Throughout 2023 the trustees of Pitton Nature Trust have been seeking to reach agreement with owners of an area of land on Pitton Hill which would enable the charity to create a nature reserve open to the public. We have been grateful for the expert advice we have received from a number of external sources,… Continue reading Pitton Hill Update

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House Martin Project Event

Pitton Nature Trust is pleased to be supporting the Bentley Wood House Martin Project.  An event is being held in Winterslow Village Hall on 2nd November 2023 at 7pm where you can learn more about the project.

Community Orchard

One of the projects of Pitton Nature Trust is to seek to establish a Community Orchard. The information below provides more details on our plans. Please let us know your views on creating a Community Orchard. If we can demonstrate there is support from the community it will help in our discussions with stakeholders and… Continue reading Community Orchard

Big Butterfly Count

We are pleased to be supporting the Butterfly Conservation Trust annual Big Butterfly Count. The count takes place between 14th July and 6th August and only takes 15 minutes of your time. All you have to do is identify a suitable location to spot butterflies or moths, it could be in your garden or out… Continue reading Big Butterfly Count

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Charity Logo

The charity now has a logo. We are very grateful to Hayley Clark, for creating such an imaginative design.

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Bird Survey

One of our local ornithologists, John McCarthy, conducted another bird count on the Pitton Hill site on 13th June. In the hour John spent on the site he identified nineteen species of birds, nine of which he had seen on his previous visit in April. Here is the list of birds John identified on 13th… Continue reading Bird Survey

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