Work Starts on The Close

At the end of 2023 the Pitton Nature Trust trustees signed a seven year Management Agreement with the Parish Council which will see the charity undertake a number of initiatives to increase biodiversity in The Close.  

In recent years the Council has adopted a “no mow” policy on much of the area of The Close above the children’s play area.  The absence of wild flowers in the area meant that this approach had little benefit for pollinators and low impact on increasing biodiversity. The charity has therefore developed a management plan which will see the introduction of flora to attract pollinators and make the area a pleasant wildlife learning environment. 

To inform our plan soil samples have been tested and expert advice sought on a planting regime.  Recently a small area of turf (approximately 4m square) has been removed and will soon be planted with wildflower plugs.  Over the next 12 months we will monitor the area and the results will be used to determine if this strategy should be used more extensively on The Close.

This is an exciting initiative and our plan aims over the coming years to make The Close a flower rich area which will be a pleasant place for everyone in the community to enjoy.  Paths will be cut through the flowers and we will encourage more people to visit.  We are extremely pleased to have been successful in securing a grant from the Wessex Water Foundation Environment Fund and this will help fund the initial work and cover costs relating to signage.  We are also pursuing other grant funding sources and developing an on-line donation facility on our website.

You can view the Close Management Plan on this website and also follow our progress on this and other projects.

The trustees would like to say a big thank you to everyone in the community who has offered to volunteer and financially support the work of the charity.  

Finally, it would help our efforts enormously if dog owners were to avoid exercising their pets on this area of The Close and to always pick up after their dogs.  No body wants to step in dog mess and not clearing up after your pets makes it unpleasant for those working to deliver this wildlife area!