Community Orchard

One of the projects of Pitton Nature Trust is to seek to establish a Community Orchard. The information below provides more details on our plans.

Please let us know your views on creating a Community Orchard. If we can demonstrate there is support from the community it will help in our discussions with stakeholders and funders.

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What is a Community Orchard?

There has been an increasing trend for charities and community groups to establish Community Orchards and the Government have devised initiatives to increase the number. 

Community Orchards provide valuable biodiverse habitats and can help protect bees and other pollinators.

The aspiration is to create a Community Orchard in Pitton which would have public access.

How will a Community Orchard be established?

Wiltshire County Council have announced their intention to create a nature reserve on Roundbarrow Farm.  We understand they plan to go to tender in January 2024 seeking a partner to manage the 350 acre reserve.

Pitton Nature Trustees have engaged with the County Council who have suggested a collaboration between the charity and Parish Council over the potential creation of allotments, a community garden and a community orchard sits well together.

How much space will a Community Orchard occupy?

The advice on planting an orchard is to allow 5 metre spacing between trees. This means half an acre of land would provide enough room for 80 trees.  The charity would hope to acquire a long-term management agreement on an acre of land.

Where would a Community Orchard be sited?

We hope Wiltshire County Council will allocate land on Roundbarrow Farm for a Community Orchard.  At this stage we do not know where an orchard would be sited. 

How does this relate to the idea of a community garden or allotments?

The creation of a Community Orchard is a separate initiative to the Parish Council’s recent survey on the creation of a Community Garden and or Allotments.  If you have views on a Community Garden or Allotments you should send your comments to 

What are the benefits of a Community Orchard?

Because orchards are a collection of trees, grasses, shrubs and wild flowers, they support a wide range of wildlife. As fruit trees age quickly, they create the perfect habitats for invertebrates and birds.

Will there be public access to the orchard?

The orchard would be accessible to everyone.  We hope the Parish Council can see the value of working in collaboration with the charity to enable current and future generations to benefit from the creation of such a community asset.

How will the Community Orchard be maintained?

If the charity has the opportunity to create a Community Orchard we will seek expert external advice on creating and managing the orchard. 

We anticipate there will be scope for volunteers to be involved.  We will want to explore the opportunities to partner with a training establishment to provide horticultural training opportunities for young people.

What type of trees will be planted?

We will take advice from external experts on the varieties of trees best suited to the land.  We would hope to be able to use the orchard for the growth of rare and traditional varieties of trees.

How will the Community Orchard be funded?

The charity would seek an agreement with the Council for a long-term agreement to manage the land. 

There are a range of grants available to the charity for funding to purchase trees, we will also seek donations from the community for the purchase of trees and the possibility for individuals to donate a tree.

What happens to the fruit in the Community Orchard?

The fruit in the orchard will be available to the community.  Any surplus fruit will be donated to charity.

Where can I find out more about Community Orchards?

The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species provide a lot of information on Community Orchards and a map of the Community Orchards in the UK.